Saturday, September 11, 2010

A short trip to Pondicherry

came to see Erisa at Auroville and hand him over all the guitar parts. My new guitar, yet unassembled, looks awesome. Another 2/3 weeks of polishing, fitting it should be ready for trials :) Not uploading any pictures yet, as body/neck/fretboard colors will go through some changes. I need to think of some creative artwork with the pickgaurd. The feel, weight feels great. Can't wait!

Took a bus overnight and reached early morning. Coffee at Le Cafe by the sea, and then made a deal with a hotel to rent out for half-day half-cost. Went over to Erisas soon after that. Came back late afternoon. I had to vacate my room by 6:30. Taking a train from Pondi later in the night. Lots of time to kill. Now sitting and sipping beer at a very nice heritage villa sort of a place (Le Club) and killing time.


Aplihs said...

Do you still got to Pondi Spaceman Spiff? - Loonie

Angshuman Sarkar said...

yes, especially when the Zorkons try to force me to use chinup bar! My getaway! How have you been?